About the larp

Lindängen International Boarding School is a school larp about an almost normal school, with pupils who have class, after school-activities, fall in and fall out of love. The facade is a good school, a successful school, with proper, (mostly rich) and successful students. Behind the facade, however, there is only one rule: 

Traditions are made to be followed.

Lindängen International is a larp about bullying, peer pressure, status, power struggle, relationships and fear. It is a larp about people conforming to and being hurt by a system that was there long before they were, and still will be there long after they are gone. It is a larp that can’t be won, only lost.

By attending this larp, you agree to

  •  co-create a larp with emotional and difficult themes and be attentive and listen to your co-players in all situations
  • bully people based on in-game attributes only (like family, grades, income level, etc.), and not based on offgame attributes (like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, looks etc)
  • roleplay 24 hours a day and share a room with another player you might not know beforehand
  • act as a bully, be bullied, belittle other characters and be belittled yourself
  • be okay with people pushing you, giving you a light slap in the face, grabbing you, and shouting at you
  • be okay with some degree of public humiliating scenes of either you or other people
  • follow the rules of the larp stated on this website and in following participant emails

Note that in the fictional Lindängen world, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or other such attributes that cause discimination in our world, aren’t things people are discriminated for. This means, for example, that gender stereotypes (such as boys being the ones to fight or girls being the ones to gossip) aren’t the norm, or that having a plotline that culminates with your character coming out as transgender or bisexual is irrelevant if you want drastic reactions from other players.

In return, we as organizers will give you

  • a tough, emotional, and well tried out larp which has been run twice before
  • an entire workshop day to create relationships between characters and trust between players
  • pre-written characters that fit together as a whole
  • opportunity to wish what kind of themes you want or do not want to play
  • a larp designed for very little neccessary player initatives before the workshop
  • safe-words and an offgame room for player safety
  • a school environment with classrooms, lessons and extra-curricular activities
  • food and lodging for the entire duration of the workshop and larp

Welcome to Lindängen.
Traditions are made to be followed.